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Welcome Hao Zhang(张浩)from Southwest University to be committee member!


A.Prof. Hao Zhang (张浩),

Southwest UniversityBeijing 

School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,China

Research Area:

1. Big data of environmental chemistry;

2. modeling of PM2.5 dynamics;

Research experience: 

Scientific research project:

1. National Natural Science Foundation ’Dynamic Feature Analysis and Early Warning of Heavy Haze Pollution Events based on Multi-source Spatial-Temporal Data’ ( 2019.01 – 2021.12)  

2. Key Project of Chongqing Special Project for Technological Innovation and Application Development ‘Study and Application of Key Technique for Production Monitoring of Chinese Red Pepper and Early Warning of its Main Diseases and Pests’ (2020.01 – 2022.12)

3. Ministry of Education Project ’Analyses Technique of Teaching Study on Intelligent Virtual Experiment under the Background of New Engineering’ (2019.01 – 2020.03)

4. Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities ‘New Feature of Haze Pollution in High Humidity Environment’(2016.01 – 2018.12)


1. Sun W, Zhang H, Palazoglu A, et al. Prediction of 24-hour-average PM2.5 concentrations using a hidden Markov model with different emission distributions in Northern California[J]. Science of the total environment, 2013, 443: 93-103. Cited 96

2. Sun W, Meng Y, Palazoglu A, Zhao J, Zhang H, Zhang J. A method for multiphase batch process monitoring based on auto phase identification[J]. Journal of Process Control, 2011, 21(4): 627-638.

3. Zhang H, Zhang W, Palazoglu A, et al. Prediction of ozone levels using a Hidden Markov Model (HMM) with Gamma distribution[J]. Atmospheric environment, 2012, 62: 64-73.

4. Sun W, Zhang H, Palazoglu A. Prediction of 8 h-average ozone concentration using a supervised hidden Markov model combined with generalized linear models[J]. Atmospheric environment, 2013, 81: 199-208.

5. Sun W, Palazoglu A, Singh A, Zhang H*, Wang Q, Zhao Z, Cao D. Prediction of surface ozone episodes using clusters based generalized linear mixed effects models in Houston–Galveston–Brazoria area, Texas[J]. Atmospheric Pollution Research, 2015, 6(2): 245-253.

6. Zhang H, Palazoglu A, Zhang X, et al. Prediction of surface ozone exceedance days using PCA with a non-parametric T2 control limit[J]. Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems, 2014, 133: 42-48.

7. Zhang H*, Yuan H, Liu X, et al. Impact of synoptic weather patterns on 24 h-average PM2.5 concentrations in the North China Plain during 2013–2017[J]. Science of the Total Environment, 2018, 627: 200-210.

Important Dates

截稿日期|Submission Deadline: 

March 3, 2020


注册日期|Registration Deadline: 

February 28, 2020


录用通知|Notification Date:

About a week after submission


会议时间|Conference Date: 

March 06-08, 2020

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