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Welcome Hao Peng(彭浩)from Yangtze Normal University to be committee member!


Dr. Hao Peng (彭浩),

Yangtze Normal University,

College of Chemistry and Chemical EngineeringChina

Research Area:

1. Hydrometallurgy

2. Environmental Engineering

3. Chemical Engineering

Research experience: 

Scientific research project:

So far, he has studied more than 40 major projects:

1. Selective leaching of vanadium from chromium residue intensified by electric field

2. Leaching Kinetics of Vanadium from Calcification Roasting Converter Vanadium Slag in Acidic Medium

3. High-efficient recovery of chromium (VI) with lead sulfate

4. A green method to leach vanadium and chromium from residue using NaOH-H2O2


1. Hao Peng, Liu Yang, Lilian Wang, Jing Guo, Bing Li. Recovery of Vanadium with Urea in Acidic Medium. Environmental Chemistry Letters,2019.

2. Hao Peng*, Yumeng Leng, Jing Guo. Electrochemical Removal of Chromium (VI) from Wastewater. Applied Sciences, 2019, 9(6): 1156.

3. Hao Peng*, Jing Guo, Gang Li, Qinzhe Cheng, Yuju Zhou, Zuohua Liu, Changyuan Tao. Highly efficient oxidation of chromium (III) with hydrogen peroxide in alkaline medium. Water Science and Technology, 2019, 79(2): 366-374.

4. Hao Peng*, Yumeng Leng, Qinzhe Cheng, Qian Shang, Jiancheng Shu, Jing Guo. Efficient Removal of Hexavalent chromium from Wastewater with Electro-reduction. Processes, 2019, 7(1), 41.

5. Hao Peng*, Feng Wang, Gang Li, Jing Guo, Bing Li. High-efficient Recovery of Vanadium and Chromium: Optimized by Response Surface Methodology. ACS Omega, 2019, 4 (1): 904-910.

6. Hao Peng *, Jing Guo, Zuohua Liu, Changyuan Tao. Direct Advanced Oxidation Process for Chromium (III) with Sulfate Free Radicals. SN Applied Sciences, 2019, 1: 14.

7. Hao Peng*, Jing Guo, Yuju Zhou, Xianbin Li, Liu Yang, Yumeng Leng, Jiang Guo, Hengxin Zhao. Secondary Leaching of Vanadium from Vanadium Tailing Intensified with CaF2. 2019,IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, 2019, 233, 042048.

8. Bing Li, Hao Peng*, Jing Guo. Effect of Surfactant on Water Content of Phosphogypsum. Applied Sciences, 2019, 9(8): 1684.

9. Jiancheng Shu, Haiping Wu, Mengjun Chen, Hao Peng, Bing Li, Renlong Liu, Zuohua Liu, Bin Wang, Teng Huang, Zhibo Hu. Fractional removal of manganese and ammonia nitrogen from electrolytic metal manganese residue leachate using carbonate and struvite precipitation. Water Research, 2019, 153: 229-238

10. Xiaogang Zheng, Ke Wang, Zhiping Huang, Yong Liu, Jing Wen, Hao Peng*. MgO nanosheets with N-doped carbon coating for the efficient visible-light photocatalysis. Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, 2019,76: 288-295.

11. Xiaogang Zheng, Fuyan Kang, Yiting Mao, Hao Peng*, Jing Wen. Carbon-coated Mg-Al layered double oxide nanosheets with enhanced removal of hexavalent chromium. Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, 2019.

12. Xiaogang Zheng, Yuting Hu, Zili Li, Yang Dong, Jinyang Zhang, Jing Wen, Hao Peng*. Sm2O3 nanoparticles coated with N-doped carbon for enhanced visible-light photocatalysis. Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, 2019, 130: 180-188.

13. Jie Zeng, Zili Li, Hao Peng*, Xiaogang Zheng. Core-shell Sm2O3@ZnO nano-heterostructure for the visible light driven photocatalytic performance. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 2019, 560: 244-251.

14. Jinyang Zhang , Fuyan Kang , Hao Peng*, Jing Wen*, Xiaogang Zheng. Enhancing photocatalytic activity of Cu0.25Zn0.75S nanodisks by metallic Ag loading in visible light region. RSC Advances, 2019, 9(24): 13787-13796.

15. Xiaogang Zheng, Xianfen Li, Hao Peng*, Jing Wen. Ag-decorated core-shell Sm2O3@TiO2 nanocomposites with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic performance. Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, 2018, 123: 206-215.

16. Hao Peng*, Jing Guo, Xiaogang Zheng, Zuohua Liu, Changyuan Tao. Leaching Kinetics of Vanadium from Calcification Roasting Converter Vanadium Slag in Acidic Medium. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 2018, 6 (4): 5119-5224.

17. Xiaogang Zheng, Wendi Fu, Fuyan Kang, Hao Peng*, Jing Wen. Enhanced photo-Fenton degradation of tetracycline using TiO2-coated α-Fe2O3 core-shell heterojunction. Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, 2018, 68; 14-23.

18. Yang Qiwen, Xie Zhaoming, Peng Hao, Liu Zuohua, Tao Changyuan. Leaching of vanadium and chromium from converter vanadium slag intensified with surface wettability. Journal of Central South University, 2018, 25(6): 1317–1325.

19. Hao Peng*, Jing Guo, Bing Li※, Zuohua Liu, Changyuan Tao. High-efficient Recovery of Chromium (VI) with Lead Sulfate. Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers, 2018, 85: 149-154.

20. Hao Peng※, Zuohua Liu, Changyuan Tao. A green method to leach vanadium and chromium from residue using NaOH-H2O2. Scientific Reports, 2018, 8 (1): 426.  

21. Xiaogang Zheng, Min Huang, Yaohui You, Hao Peng*, Jing Wen. Core-shell structured α-Fe2O3@CeO2 heterojunction for the enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity. Materials Research Bulletin, 2018, 101: 20-28.

22. Xiaogang Zheng, Wendi Fu, Hao Peng*, Jing Wen. Preparation and characterization of CuxZn1-xS nanodisks for the efficient visible light photocatalytic activity. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 2018, 6: 9-18.

23.  Hao Peng*, Zuohua Liu, Changyuan Tao. Adsorption process of vanadium with melamine. Water, Air and Soil Pollution, 2017, 228 (8): 272.

24.  Hao Peng*, Zuohua Liu, Changyuan Tao. Electrochemical oscillation of vanadium ions in anolyte. Journal of Electrochemical Science and Engineering (ESCI), 2017, 7(3): 139-144.

25. Hao Peng*, Zuohua Liu, Changyuan Tao. Adsorption kinetics and isotherm of vanadium with melamine. Water Science and Technology, 2017, 75(10): 2316-2321.

26. Hao Peng*, Zuohua Liu, Changyuan Tao. Leaching kinetics of vanadium with electro-oxidation and H2O2 in alkaline medium. Energy & Fuels, 2016, 30(9): 7802-7807.

27. Hao Peng, Zuohua Liu, Changyuan Tao. Selective Leaching of Vanadium from Chromium Residue Intensified by Electric Field. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 2015, 3: 1252–1257.

Important Dates

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March 3, 2020


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February 28, 2020


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About a week after submission


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March 06-08, 2020

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