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Assoc. Prof./Dr. Syed Abdul Rehman Khan

Brasi School of Supply Chain Management, USA

Tsinghua University, China

Syed Abdul Rehman Khan副教授/博士,美国BRASI供应链管理学院,清华大学研究员

Research Area: Supply Chain, Logistics

Title: De-carbonization: Preparing for Tomorrow, Today


Abstarct: This article examines the association between green logistics operations, social, environmental and economic indicators of SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) countries. The research used GMM (Generalized Method of Moments) and FGLS (Feasible Generalized Least Squares) two methods to tackle the problems of heterogeneity, serial correlation and heteroskedasticity. The findings show that fossil fuel consumption is at the heart of logistics operations; the more fossil fuel and non-green energy resources that are used, the more negative effects on society and environmental sustainability result from this. A lower quality of transport-related infrastructure and logistics services is negatively correlated with fossil fuel usage, carbon emissions, health expenditure, greenhouse gas emissions and political instability of SAARC countries. Conversely, efficient customs procedures and greater information sharing among supply chain partners increase trade opportunities and also improve environmental sustainability in terms of minimum carbon emissions due to the shorter waiting and queue times involved. Further, the application of green energy resources and green practices can mitigate negative effects on social and environmental sustainability due to better logistics operations while improving financial performance in terms of higher GDP per capita, trade openness and greater export opportunities around the globe. As there is very limited research using green practices relationship with macro-level indicators in current literature, this research will assist both practitioners and policymakers to understand the roles of green supply chain and green logistics in enhancing environmental sustainability, social improvement and economic growth for a better future.


Assoc. Prof./ Ph. D supervisor  Tao Zhang

China Agricultural University,

College of Resources and Environmental Sciences, China


Research Area: Waste disposal and resource utilization

Title: Biomass Stabilization: Phosphorus Fixation and Utilization

题目:生物质稳定化: 磷的固定和利用

Abstarct: One of the reality before us today is the increasingly exhausted of phosphorus (P) resource. Animal manure, produced from livestock and poultry production, contains large amount of P. The treatment of P recovery from animal manure is regarding as a promising technical for food security. Recently, numbers methods to treat waste agricultural biomass have been considered. Amongst, pyrolysis to generate biochar has attracted attention. Biochar, has a rich surface chemistry, interesting nanostructures, abundant oxygen-containing functional groups, and a large porous structure, regarded as a potential sorbent. Due to the limitation of P-solubilization and selectivity recovery processes caused by the existing of organic phosphorus, sparingly soluble P, and many other kinds of substances, we have conducted a series of explorations on phosphorus solubilization and selectivity adsorption. For P solubilization, organic phosphorus and sparingly soluble P can be decomposed, dissolved, and released under thermal conversion (ultrasound, hydrothermal process, microwaves digestion). Coupling degradation and oxidation process, such as microwaves digestion and NaOH (or H2O2-HCl), ultrasound/H2O2, and hydrothermal assisted process have been developed. For P fixation, cation loaded biochar, such as magnesium modified corn biochar, ferric oxide hydrate modied biochar, calcium modied biochar, can be synthesized to enhance P adsorption selectivity. The adsorption isotherm, adsorption kinetics, thermodynamics have been investigated. The P saturated adsorbed modified biochar could continually release P in soil environment and its fertilizer property has been analysis.

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March 3, 2020


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March 06-08, 2020

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